Woodpeckers, dog, cat and a view

“That’s the Woody Wood Peckers Song”. Wish I could make that cartoon sound for you. The Wood Pecker drives little holes in the side of the house, while the other birds chase each other around the bird feeders vying for their portion.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the Woodpeckers made nice designs on the wood. Opening the door is the only thing that stops their constant pecking. The sound scares them away, for a bit.

Buffy, the fluffy dog, greets me every morning by peering into my door. The other morning, I woke up and saw two eyes watching me. She was told not to go into my room and she was trying her best to obey, but she really wanted me to get up. When I get up and walk slowly down the stairs, she joins me taking the slow steps, as if she’s helping me in some way.

Chessie, the cat, has bonded with me, to the extent that she sleeps on the bed with me. Last night she kept scooting closer and closer, and her purring was lulling me back to sleep.

I sit by the window at breakfast time and see the awesome view of Vallecito Lake and can’t even imagine how scary and awful the fires were here, over a decade ago.

The fire got dangerously close to Marilyn’s home, but missed it. Several folks’ homes burned to the ground; some have rebuilt and some have left the area.

Mornings are cool, which is the sign that fall is around the corner. I look forward to my favorite time of the year, which is why I chose to come here at this time


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