Without power what can you do?

There is an important form I need to fill out online to the Univ. of Albany so they can receive the stipend I earned from AmeriCorps. It will pay for the Buddhist Immersion program I’m on right now. I have put off this chore for a few days and decided last night would be the right time.

I’d just about get finished then the power would go out. When it came back on I tried again. Three times and I didn’t get it done, so I went across the road to an Indian restaurant. I was still stuffed from a fabulous lunch – it was fish with curry and other spices. I’d like that recipe.

I sat near the entrance and watched human activity (oh, there was that one cat) walking in the rain. Umbrellas bounced, tuk tuks rattled by, revved up motorcycles whizzed down the road, smoky trucks  poured exhaust, and traveling merchant wagons with loud speakers announced their goods.

I just sat there with my favorite drink: ice coffee with thick cream. The restaurant host has been in Cambodia for two years, and likes it so far, he said. The restaurant has a front area exposed to the street, but defined by a large canopy and a short hedge in front. Water trickles down on the side of one wall to bring a sound of peace.

I asked the host if they had dessert and the answer was no, however, there was one tiny bit of sweet he could let me try. The purple round looked like a plum, was in a tiny bowl of a thick syrup. He said it was made with a corn and flower paste and fried and then put into honey. I don’t know why the purple color.

I got ready to pay, and he said not to pay for the sweet, it was his pleasure to offer it to me.

“Most people in the world are good.” That is my mantra.

I’m up early this morning to pack my bags and get ready to leave. I’ll be at the Wat Koltertaing – a monastery for monks and where I’ll begin to teach.

I’m told there will not be wifi, so I won’t be able to post daily entrees, but will if I can find a place. Otherwise, the next post will be on July 24th, when I arrive back to Phnom Penh and the same hotel to prepare for the trip to Viet Nam. That’s complicated, but Sophak is working it out for me.

I will go with another volunteer from Global Service who is working in an orphanage in another area.

4 Responses to Without power what can you do?

  1. People are so kind.

  2. I love being a traveler tagging along with you. Thanks for all the
    photos and the travelogue. Great fun!

    • Hii Maria-Elena,

      I thought you’d like it. I’m heading to Viet Nam tomorrow. I’ve spent the last week in a monastery. I’m going to write more later tonight.

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