Willow Glen area of San Jose

Willow Glen is one of the prettiest neighborhoods of San Jose. The streets are crooked and narrow, sidewalks show evidence of earth quakes, and tree roots poking the sidewalks forming creative sculptures.

Lawns are green and manicured and blooming flowers and bushes circle the yards, huge trees grow close to the streets.  On my twice a day walk with Casey, the dog, I’ve seen bird baths, water falls, and even a front yard beach volleyball court. Yes, the yard is ankle deep in white sand.

On the main street, where you’d find antique shops, vintage clothing, coffee shops, restaurants, with deco-style signage and fronts.  Along with the 20s and 30s deco-style look, new stores feature modern goods, and many ethnic restaurants are there to please everyone.



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  1. Laureen…..as we listened to world news this a.m…….
    We are really glad YOU are in Willow Glen !!!
    Paula and Bud

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