WiFi is up and running

Progress to a degree in the cottage. I got Verizon to up the phone program to include wifi/Internet  for my new place.

It did give me a scare, however, when I kept getting notices that in less than one week, I had totally used up all of the time allotted in the amount I had chosen to purchase.

But,when  taking the equipment back to Verizon, to complain, I learned that the number was prorated and I did not run out of time after all. None of this makes sense, I know. Believe it or not, I understand.

Then I attempted to hunt down a rug, a table and an office chair. Ron and I went to the second hand places he knew about, but we couldn’t find what I wanted.

But, since I need a chair to sit on, I found one at Staples and it will be delivered tomorrow. However. I hope I asked them to put it together for me. It’s the modern world, that stores now expect you to assembly the goods.

I still have one half of the storage to get out and bring up to my place, and a few more purchases to make before it’s comfortable. I’ve been sitting on the bed as a chair for a few days.

It’s coming along, bit my bit.



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