Who’s older, me or my car?

It was my good intension to get to work on time at the Arts Council, however, no one was there but a painter. The room was a jungle of boxes, notebooks, wires and such. The room is being remodeled and I can see it’s going to be nice.

When the supervisor showed up, and I could tell she was trying to figure out what to tell me to do,  she was relieved when I said it would be a good day for me to take a sick day. I’ve been having a knee problem since I fell a couple of months ago. It got better but when I was at a convention in Santa Rosa, and sitting most of the day, my knee reverted to the pain I thought I had resolved.

It’s been too busy to take a day off, so today I took advantaged and went to my regular doctor in Soledad, who was on vacation.

My knees have been giving me trouble for several years, but now the one leg is almost impossible to walk on. The doctor, taking my doctor’s place, asked me what I had done about it, and I said nothing. So he recommended that I try a week of pain killers and see how that works before doing anything more.  I have heard that pain killers can be devastating if you get  dependent on them, but I agreed to follow his direction. He also told me about a product called Sam-e, which is found in the vitamin aisle of the drug store. I got that, too.

Also, I must walk and get exercise whether or not it hurts. That is something I’ve heard about doing, as well. It hurts if I walk but it will hurt worse if I don’t. You must walk through the pain. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Dr. Doctor mentioned Pablo Casals who was nearly crippled with arthritis but continued to play music.

I also got the oil in my car changed, and the car doctor there said, “Your car is getting old.”

“As old as my knee?”

“Oh, no, that looks much worse.”


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