Whole lotta work

Depending on volunteers means to always have more than you need, because surely someone won’t show up. Or, at the last minute, a whole flock of people want to get in on the action.

That’s what happened today. I had three women lined up for the breakfast fund raiser, and two showed up. That turned out fine, however, as one more person would have been more confusing. I learned today, that while everything is getting settled, folks are talking and looking for their seat, if a harpist plays, no one is flustered.

The next place today, was to help out during the harvest festival.

Where were all of the 10 or 12 people who showed up to volunteer today, a week or two ago, when I made up  the data base?

Well, it was okay, for there was plenty to do: I even helped some teen aged girls make huge paper flowers. My flowers looked a little old,while theres’ were color coordinated and beautiful.

Tomorrow is the big deal, and I can tell you; working events in a whole lotta work, and it hasn’t even happened, yet.


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