White knuckle driving

It’s said to be the worst storm in many years. In spite of those dire words, I drove from Half Moon Bay to Aromas to check out a studio for rent. Then I had a dentist appointment in Salinas, and another appointment in Monterey. The latter one was canceled, due to what I don’t know.

The waves on the Coast Highway were high and mighty. The roads were slippery, and the rain fell from the sky in sheets. Good thing my brand new wiper blades had been installed yesterday…none too soon.

Listening to the radio announce every few minutes, an accident here, a tree fell down there and injured a child, a roof caved in over there, and you’d think the sky was falling and Chicken Little was right after all.

When I drove back in the dark, it seemed safer, because the road was clearer because of the light bean from the car.

So , because of the news, I decided to stop letting it scare me, and chose a station that played Christmas music. Before I knew it, I was back home.

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