White flesh in a hot pot

Okay, I figure it was about 600 pounds of the whitest flesh you have ever seen. Flesh on three women who haven’t seen the sun for a very long time. Six blue eyes looked at me as I slithered my flesh and green eyes  to boil in the neighborhood hot pot.

I sat knee to knee with strangers who didn’t speak my mother tongue.

There are times like this I have to imagine that someone picked me up and plunked me down in unfamiliar surroundings just to see what I would do. I sat getting warmed up and that felt good to this expat.

A young blond lady came over and asked if I wanted to join them in an aerobic exercise. Sure I did, so I climbed out with the other white flesh and two men joined us for an hour workout in the pool.

Then back to the hot pot to soak some more. A gentleman who works at the pool brought a pitcher of ice water and glasses for all of us so we wouldn’t dehydrate.

That sounds funny…don’t dehydrate while you’re sitting in water.

Then there were four women and a man in the pot. Soon another women wanted to get into the pot and there was some discussion. The gentleman hopped out and the woman exchanged the hot pot seat with him. I figured out that it must have meant that there could only be five people in a pot at a time. I can see why; that’s a lot of knees, ankles, toes and derriere’s.

Before he got out, he tried to tell me that he was a farmer; he searched for the English words to tell me he raised sheep. When he said cheap, I Ba ba-ed  like a lamb and he smiled and nodded his head.





7 Responses to White flesh in a hot pot

  1. The farmer story reminds of the trip in German winery and all the
    “animal talking”

  2. Any kind of sound, I guess can be called language. Thanks for reading my blog, Carol.

  3. Paula and Bud

    Greetings from the warm sunny Salinas Valley to you in the far cold North; I can’t imagine what 65,000 degrees below zero feels like! Burrrrrr.
    Thanks for sharing your words and pictures of the beauty of the area.
    Look forward each day to your adventures .
    PS. How about a “roll-your-own” contest when you come back?!

  4. Paula and Bud

    In regards to the hot pot……was there really 600 pounds of white flesh? Or was it like the 65,000 degrees below zero? Either way, what a sight.
    Paula and Sarah

  5. Polly Kennedy

    Laureen…just had to ask…are there bathing suits involved in the hot pot? Cheers!

  6. Yes, bathing suits are required. They are extreme in cleanliness. In two places, a woman strolls around to make certain bathers meet the required shower specifics before they are allowed in the pool. In the one here, there is a sign with specific body parts outlined in red, that must be throughly scrubbed with soap
    before the suit meets the skin. I remember in one pool in the states where you had to step into an antiseptic bath with your feet before getting into the pool, but otherwise, just a quick shower and a plunge into the pool satisfies most U.S. standards. Years ago (too many to mention) I worked my way through college as a life guard and swim instructor, and remember telling folks they had to look wet before they got into the pool…that was all.

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