Whining is over, maybe

After whining yesterday about my frustration over the paper work required to get my stipend, I forgot about that today while working at the Indigenous Culture Day in Greenfield.

It’s been awhile since I reported for that town, and much has changed.

I had some awesome volunteers who worked hard and I think had a good time.

I sure did. One woman, an immigration attorney had a chat with another volunteer who is headed to law school. A Defense Language Institute soldier showed up to help, and two kids from Greenfield High School, were there as well. There were others, including one high school student who stepped in for about one half hour.

The Indigenous folks who live in Greenfield come from various parts of Mexico and speak their own languages, and find it difficult sometimes with the rules and customs of a different country. These folks don’t speak different dialect; they are total different languages, and they come to the U.S. with no English or Spanish language skills, including the other Indigenous languages.

There has been a conflict with the long time Mexican immigrants with the newly arriving Indigenous people. This was the first cultural event to showcase the culture and to exchange friendships with the long-time community members.

The dancing was awesome, and the costumes colorful and different. One group had head pieces made from long pheasant feathers.

The children who came up to the arts/craft booth where I worked were so cute and polite. Some could barely see above the table, but were focused on their drawings.

It was a good day.

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