When the right and and the left hand are together

Going over all of my preparedness for Cambodia, I thought I was finished and then I got the email.

You must buy this  travel insurance or else! What the heck is this about? I purchased insurance before I could continue toward the next steps: signing up with the embassy, and other mountains of paper work. So I contacted the University who is sponsoring this event. It gets confusing because, while I’m registered with one agency, that agency requires that I go through the University.

I called and was told I had to take their insurance, but if not, then I must submit a waiver. They sent me the waiver by email and I tried to print it out. The ink ran out so I got more ink at Walgreens, printed out the paper work and submitted the paper work for the insurance for which I was required and it cost $249!

I replied that I would send all the required paper work in and mentioned how much I had paid.

“If we find that the insurance you have paid is qualified, then we will waive the insurance we requirement and reimburse you for the insurance.

The added note stated this all must be finished within a month of your travel time. Well, then when I began this process back in Sept. why wasn’t I told then?

Rant, rant, rant,

That is very nice of them, however, but I can help but wonder why one agency doesn’t know what the other agency requires.

Oh, well, so far, I’m taking care of everything; I’ve even packed most of my belongings for the storage unit, and I’m setting aside the things I need to take with me.



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