What will be, will be…soon

I have been taking it real easy, but must get moving. I went for a walk to the cliffs overlooking the ocean yesterday. It was a beautiful sight.

I haven’t yet decided where I’ll settle. There is much to consider. I had one opportunity to rent an apartment in Half Moon Bay for the summer months, but declined. The reason was the woman who owned the apartment asked for an enormous amount of money for the rent and then said she would be staying there occasionally. That didn’t seem right that I’d pay rent and she would come back from her summer house to spend time in the apartment that I’d be paying rent for.

Then there was a job opportunity that would fit me perfectly, but it wasn’t available in any of the cities I want to consider to live and work. I want to settle either in Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz or Monterey.

I have been asked to make a presentation to the Senior Coastside center in June regarding my book, “Too Close to the Sun”. That will give me an opportunity to meet people and sell my book.

Also, the book is on display in a book store and gallery in El Granada, a city close to Half Moon Bay.

I’m confident that every thing will come together soon. Meanwhile,  I’m enjoying being with my son, Brad, my daughter-in-law Aleida and grandson, Brandon.


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