What I learned when traveling for one year

On the road for one year, on planes, buses, trains, boats, ferries, camels, horses, with luggage, purse, camera, and computer, I learned that most people are good.

It’s easier to find the good folks than the bad ones, that is if your open to that possibility.

Everywhere I went, someone was always there to help me off of a train, pick up my luggage and/or walk with me to my next place.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language, always try English first. If that doesn’t work, try pantomime, point to a map, write it out. MOst people will find that fun and charming and will work harder at trying to help you.

Learn how to ask where is…, thank you, hello and goodbye in the language of the country where you are, even if just for a few hours or an extended time.

Have fun and that will beam out of you.

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