What big stores know about you

I attended the second day of Excel seminar, and decided to leave just before lunch at the break. The reason is, it was advanced and way over my head. The first class yesterday was difficult, as well, but I stuck with it and learned a lot more than I knew when I went in.

The instructor was funny and had some very interesting thoughts to share, based on research about the human brain and how we remember things.  You must do something you learned that is new to you, six times before it moves from your short term memory to your long term memory.

But wait, didn’t I write that yesterday? I don’t remember.

He also dramatically told us how big stores like WalMart and Target get information from us. He began at one side of the room and said they get your name, address, phone number, social security number. He moved down: they know how you shop, what debit/credit card you use, what you purchase, when you purchased it, and how often you purchase the same item. He gave an example on how they know if a baby is expected in the home, based on the items begin purchased related to a birth.jHe moved to the center of the room: the stores know the range of products you use and the average amount of money you spend each time you shop in the store. He was then at the end of the room and continue stating how much large stores know about you and then added; “and you’re worried about the government spying on you?”

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