What a day!

Today I got there early to book volunteers into the Next Generation Jazz Festival as planned. What I didn’t plan were for all the changes the volunteers wanted – demanded is a better word.

“I have to work when my husband works.”
“ Cannot work all three days.”

“Why do you have me in here for only one day?”

“I want to change my day from Sunday to Saturday.”

“You said the uniform would be khaki pants and white tops, but that lady in there said black pants and white tops.”

“You have me in hospitality but I want to be an usher.”

“You have me ushering and I cannot do that, put me somewhere else.” “No not there,”  And it went that way for a bit over an hour. I’ll go in early Monday and try to straighten it all out.

Meanwhile, I headed down to Carmel Valley where the Arts Council sponsored a program and where I was asked to line up two volunteers in the morning and two in the afternoon. But someone who organized the event told me she didn’t need volunteers and that I should leave. This was embarrassing because there were folks there that I recruited.

So one woman left, and there was one woman there, so I just made an afternoon of it. Turns out it was her birthday so I took her to lunch in honor of her birthday. I got some photos of the event and left early.

What a day!


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