What a day

Yesterday, in the middle of things not working, feeling a bit down with circumstances, the most remarkable thing happened. I received help, which inspired me, and had the opportunity to listen to someone else, who also inspired me.

I got a message from a young woman I met on the Island of Vis, in the town of Komiza, of Croatia. She is a designer and full of ideas to help me produce and market my next book. The book will be about my one year of travel. She is a remarkable person, with a mind that dreams up solutions, that would include marketing other ideas to promote my travels, and a new way of looking at what I’ve been trying to do.

Then, at the same time, I was messaging back and forth to a new friend in Croatia, who is struggling, trying to take good care of his new baby girl. I met him when he became my tuk tuk driver, driving me back and forth from the Pagoda to the city of Phnom Penh. I liked this guy right away. He became the only tuk tuk driver who got off of his motorcycle to help me get out of the tuk tuk. It was difficult at first, before I figured it out how to climb down. He also showed his honesty on an occasion.

One, I gave him a modest tip, which is never expected in Cambodia.  He  was so grateful to receive it and told me it would help him with his new baby.

So this young man is dedicated to raising his daughter in a country that is recovering from years of wars and struggles.

I was inspired by both of these friends, and continued to feel more positive than when the day began.

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