Western Motel

The power point presentation I made at the King City Rotary club regarding my yearlong journey went very well. The questions and comments, as well. It was a group of interested folks.  I have just the right amount of photos now.

I put my ‘painterly’ photos/painted pictures up so they could see them and the technology worked great. The power point displayed on the big screen looked amazing.

I am impressed with the Rotary clubs’ project to wipe the disease of polio off the face of the earth. I learned there are only three countries left to accept the vaccine.

This is a personal admiration.  I remember the day I came back from a cabin with my grandmother and her Sunday school group. I was eight years old. My brother was ten. When we walked into the room, my mother told us that Jack was in the hospital. He had polio. He was in an iron lung.

He suffered with the aftermath of the disease all of his life. Polio must go!

I’m in the Western Motel in Salinas waiting and taking it easy before my interview tomorrow. After that, I’ll be back in Half Moon Bay taking care of three dogs and two fat cats. Then on Monday, it’s Gonzales Rotary Club. Then back to Half Moon Bay after that for more dog and cat sitting.

Then….well, it’s too complicated..

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  1. Paula and Bud


    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paula and Bud

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