Western living

Sonja, my lifelong friend and I, got to her home in Saratoga last night, so our time together really began today.

John, Sonja and I had lunch at the Saratoga senior center. I met some very nice people, many living on ranches and some are natives of Saratoga. The lunch was good, and I was introduced as a visitor. After lunch, we dropped John off for his physical therapy session and I went along for the ride, while Sonja completed some errands. She said it was a dimes worth tour, and promises me a longer tour of the town, the museum and other key points of interest in the town with the population of under 2,000. I can’t imagine what else there could be to see other than the museum, but I’m anxious to learn all about living here in this western town.

One funny thing I saw was a note on the wall warning folks to take off their boots. I’ve seen rugged looking hunters, fishermen, ranchers and cowboys galore.

In the grocery store, I got a real feeling of where I am. Elk, moose, deer, mountain goats, wild turkeys and other animal heads were mounted on the wall, along with animals skins with the heads attached. Right in the center of the store, and the first thing you see when enter, is the seven-foot bear, that looks alive. It was alive at one time, but now it just stands tall.

Tonight at dinner, Paul, Sonja’s grandson, and a guide for fishermen and hunters told a story about some guys he took on a fishing expedition in the river. He kept us spellbound about how he worked at helping a fisherman catch a 25 inch fish called a brown.

More western talk occurred when MikeIMG_2658, Sonja’s son had a complication today with a horse he owns and was concerned about.

Well, what I’m saying here is, this is a very different life from the way I live, and I’m loving the experience.

Sonja and I have lots of memories together and we’re getting them told, bit by bit.IMG_2659The church in Saratoga.


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