Went to a meeting/no fighting

It’s lovely to attend a meeting where the folks are civil and aren’t calling each other names.

I attended the Gonzales School Board meeting. Several kids were introduced by their teachers for getting speaking awards. They were in middle school. Several parents took photos of their kids. None of the parents spoke English, but one board member explained to them what their kids did and how proud the board is of them.

I felt like I had arrived home; for I used to sit for hours and listen to folks give presentation after presentation, and sometimes angry folks showed up for one reason or another.

Tonight a group of FFA students were also there to give a report, they wore their blue corduroy jackets and were so very polite.

The District Superintendent is on top of the  district business. She is a great superintendent. I’m proud of her. I first met her when she was the principal. Now the principal was my grandson Bobby’s principal way back when he went to Aptos High School.

My presentation went well, and hopefully some benefit will come of it.



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