Weird being in someone’s house alone

That title up there says it all.

I went to bed last night trying to shut the door and lock it. It wouldn’t shut, until I slammed it shut. And that was before I locked the screen.

This morning I couldn’t open the door. I tried to open the lock but it wouldn’t budge. I called Kelly’s sister-in-law and she came right over.

I told her the embarrassment I’d feel if she opened the door with no problem would overtake the desperation I had by not being able to do it myself.

You guessed it. She opened it, but in my defense, it took all of her hand and arm muscle.

She shut it and let me try. The arthritis in my hands have taken all of my strength away. I didn’t realize that until this moment. I just didn’t have the strength to turn and pull it that hard. I’m thinking some WD 4o would help. I’m talking about spraying it on ME!


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