We rehearsed the first visit to Santa Claus

Larry and Brad were tiny tikes when I planned to take them on a visit to Santa Claus. I didn’t want them to be scared, scream or cry. I wanted it to be a great experience so we practiced the visit in improv.

First I played Santa Claus, ho, ho, hoing loud and beckoning them to take turns and sit on my lap. “What do you want me to bring you little one?”

“Ho, ho ho, I’ll see what I can do Larry/Bradley.”

They took turns for awhile with me as Santa, then they took turns with each of them playing Santa. It’s pretty funny to watch a two year old sit on the lap of a 3 and four month old brother.

When we arrived to the Denver Dry Goods, we went up the escalator and there sat Santa Claus, alone, as if waiting for them. You couldn’t plan it this good.

Both Larry and Bradley ran to him and occupied both of his knees.

Preparation is everything.


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