We could have cooked the condo

Yesterday I bought some dinners that are usually put into a micro wave, but since we haven’t acquired one of those yet, I figured I’d need to purchase a cookie sheet for the conventional oven. By the way, when did that become called conventional?

Anyway, I came back to the condo, opened up the drawer on the bottom of the new stove to store my new cookie sheet,  and what I saw made me shutter. There were the stove instructions and who knows what all, burned to a crisp.

Both Regina and I have used the oven, and I’m amazed we didn’t at least smell the paper burning.

Then we noticed there were more instructions hanging on the back of the stove with tape. And Regina got that taken off by practically standing on her head.

We just imagined that the delivery guys just shoved the stove against the wall and walked out the door. They should have taken the instructions off the back  at least, and put the other paper work on top  of the stove.

Just grateful that I found the problem before we cooked the condo.



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