Wanting to learn Cambodian

I bought a DVD to learn the Cambodian language and I’m disappointed. There’s no English to understand what in the heck they are saying. A book was suppose to come with it, but think “the book’ is imbedded in the DVD. So frustrating. It’s hard to view the DVD, it skips around. Wish I could find a person who speaks the language and who could give me a few lessons on pronunciation. The local Monterey Insti. of Foreign Lang doesn’t have anyone who speaks the language; it’s not one they offer.

However, with mucho money, they could find someone for me. That is out of the question. I only want a few lessons not a whole class. Guess I’ll just have to wait until I get there and use pantomime like I usually do. I’m quite the international pantomime expert (in my own mind).

On the DVD there are drills that you’re supposed to repeat, but without knowing what you’re trying to say, why bother? What if I think I’m learning to say, ‘how is your wife?’ and instead I’m really saying, “your mustache is falling off of your face?”

Or, ‘good morning’ I think I’m saying, and I really learned to say, ‘you look sick today?”

Oh, Lordy, this is going to be a challenge; eating with chopsticks and trying to talk to Monks in Cambodian.








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