I was so very touched to see my brother-in-law, 92 year old Walter Frederich. He is featured in my book, “Too Close to the Sun” a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII.

Andy and his grandfather, Walter

It was at his daughter’s home where Andy and I had dinner. Ingrid, Walter’s daughter, was born during the war.

Everyone is older now, and the story is history, but one that should be told over and over again so history doesn’t repeat.

Walter was a pilot for Germany, and my husband, Will (Wim), was in the resistance movement when he was a teenager.

Can you even imagine how dangerous it must have been for Walter and Poppy (my late sister-in-law) to fall in love? And complications arose, also, when Walter knew that Wim was in the resistance.

Walter and Poppy were always in love, until death parted them. Even a war cannot destroy an honest love.

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  1. What a wonderful movie the script would make.

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