My brother-in-law, Walter died two days ago, and one day after he enjoyed his 95th birthday with his family.

Walter was a German officer during WWII when he was stationed in Holland. He met the love of his wife, Poppy while there. That was not only scandalous, but dangerous. Love survived and they were reunited after the war and lived for many decades in Germany.

Poppy preceded him in death a few years ago.

Poppy and Walter raised three daughters and had many grandchildren and great grand children.

Walter was a religious and upstanding man; true to his words and a faithful husband, father and business man.

While my Germany was non-existent, and my Dutch fairly passable, whenever I visited with him, I knew he was a good hearted man and I felt blessed in his presence. RIP Walter.

My book, “Too Close to the Sun: a Dutch boy becomes a man” has the story of he and Poppy’s love. Poppy was Will, my late husband’s sister. Wim, Poppy and Walter are featured in the book that is available on Amazon in a re-printed version.


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  1. Laureen…I did so enjoy meeting Walter (in your book). He lived a long life and found happiness with Poppy .

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