Walking with grandson

Yesterday during Father’s Day, Brad’s request of Debby and Brandon was to please let him stay at home. And that he did, except for a four minute drive. He works long hours everyday, and not to have to go someplace thrills him.

Doesn’t take much to make him a happy man. Debby purchased salmon for our dinner, and Brad cooked. He’s a gourmet cook and enjoys it.  Where did he learn that?

After dinner Brandon said he had someplace he wanted to show us, and it was just a 4 minute drive to the cliffs overlooking the bay. We all climbed into my tiny Ford Escort and in a flash we were there.

Just as he planned, the sun was setting as we walked through some giant trees and to the cliff edge.  The sun was orange, reflecting on the water, the cliffs and the trees. Some folks down below, in between the cliffs, were cooking. The smell of the wood fire and the natural surroundings; the trees, wild flowers and shrubs and the sunset made for a beautiful evening.

I remember taking walks like that  with Brad and his brothers on the lesser known paths to the beach in Aptos. It takes teenagers to know the secret paths and when the time is right, they share it with their parents.


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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen….what a beautiful story ! Thanks for sharing that special time with us……Brandon sounds like some one special.

  2. Beautiful day!

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