Walking to town and meeting the folks

On  the way to the village, today it felt almost warm, but walking back the wind was heading my way, and boy was it cold.

The purpose of the walk this morning was to talk with the mayor, however, I learned from the two nice ladies, Didda and Suala who work in the office, that he went to Reykjavik and wouldn’t be back until Monday.

The other purpose this morning, was to get a good photo of the village from the edge of town. I saw the possibility of this the other day when the camera was left at home.

Also in the plan was to find a restaurant hidden near the fishing port. Siggi told me there was one, but I thought walking that way was off limits to people not involved with the industry, and the building of a new fish production plant going up now.

So, I found the restaurant, walked up the steps and met Adalbjorn Arnarsson who is the new owner of the restaurant he named, Fontur, for the name of the edge of the island.

He was such a nice man; said he has seen me walking around town and he made me feel welcome. However, it was a bit early for lunch, so I walked to the edge of town and got my photo.

Other people have begun to smile at me, letting me know they have also seen me in the village…the stranger in town.

Then came back to the restaurant where Adalbjorn offered me a typical Icelandic lunch of fish in a gravy made from the fish, and potatoes and salad. I know the salad had grated carrots in it and the other ingredient, I think was celery root. Anyway the whole meal was good. I ate my lunch while workmen from the plant came in and got their lunch, as well.

The photos today are of the village from the edge of town, fish drying, a vacant building and a view of boats in the harbor. I hope you enjoy then. Later today, I’ll head to the hot pot.

4 Responses to Walking to town and meeting the folks

  1. Laureen, great pictures! Thanks.

  2. Paula and Bud

    We continue to enjoy your travel stories, the pictures are great. I’m curious how you administer the meds to the cat, it can’t be easy.
    I mailed off two of your books, one to Margie Bell, and the other to my best friend, Alice.
    We heard on the news, that Iceland is experiencing a heat wave, the temps got up to 64,000 below zero.
    We are all enjoying reading your posts together every day.
    Paula, Bud, Mary, and Sarah

  3. I haven’t had to give the pill to the cat yet, but I saw how Siggi did it and he made it look so easy. That will be another story, I guess. Thanks for sending the books to your friends.

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