Volunteers needed for New Years and the Ro day o

Volunteer darn it.

I have to have over 100 people signed up to work on New Years eve day, and it’s slow going. We need groups of folks to take over certain duties for the all day event.

That’s not all; I need about 25 folks for a couple of weeks after New Years to work on another big event.

That’s not all: everyday there is an activity that needs to be manned by a volunteer. Tomorrow, I’ll be the volunteer at the Government building for a gallery show that is on three floors and many, many walls. I’ll help hang pictures.

Then on Saturday the artist of the three flying hats at the rodeo grounds in Salinas is having a party to welcome the original artist who comes from Holland. I’ll try out my Dutch on him. This party is to, not only welcome the artist, but to look at the renovated sculptures. It’s a big deal for Salinas and the Ro day o.

You must say that correct if you’re in Salinas. It is the only rodeo anywhere in the U.S. that is pronounced in Espanol. I’ll volunteer hostess for this event.


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  1. Laureen…..HOLY MOLY !!!!!When so you sleep ????
    If I was 50 years younger, I would be there in a minute. Oh, to be a volunteer again !

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