Visiting Nurse Association

The doctor recommended that I get my shots and meds from the VNA, which is also for travelers.

So this afternoon, I met the nurse who was wearing a bright green shirt. I tried to be funny, but that doesn’t always impress folks.

Anyway, she gave me a shot for two items, and I’ll need two more of those before I leave. I also got tablets for typhoid to take one a day for four days. Then I’ll also get the meds for malaria, and guess that’s it. The doc gave me some other items, as well.

I have a mosquito net, purification tables, a large water bottle for the purification, Imodium and lots, and lots of other items to use in case I get sick.

I’m wondering how I ever survived traveling all year two years ago. Well, I did get very ill in Morocco and while traveling on to Spain. If I had some of what I’m taking with me to Cambodia, I might have gotten well sooner, or not sick at all.

So I’m being well prepared, thanks to that incredible doctor who is an expert in traveling through 3rd world countries. He told me his biggest thrill was hiking/walking to a spot in South America where he knew no one had ever been before. You know he was prepared!

So far, the meds, doc and VNA has set me back for over $800. Wow, the high cost of going to a poor country.


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