Visit the villages right here in the U.S.

I met with some good friends in Santa Cruz and then drove up to Half Moon Bay where I’ll be ‘surfing the couch’ again at my sons apartment. I have been at another sons’ place in Santa Cruz.

On the way up highway 1, which, to me is the only way to get to Half Moon Bay because it’s the prettiest. I drove off the beaten path on Hwy 1 and headed to Pescadero only 2 miles off track.

It’s a little quaint village that has a great restaurant, a deli and other amenities.  I saw some activity down the road and couldn’t let that go by without finding out what was going on.

Nosey, I know, but I stopped the car and asked a lady what was happening. “It’s the 113th celebration of the Portuguese community in Pescadero.There will be a parade on Sunday.” I heard an auctioneer shouting. The lady told me he was auctioning off many donated items.

It was a charming event in just one of millions of local villages in the U.S. celebrating one thing or another. I’d encourage all of us to attend these small town events so we can remember what the United States is about; small towns, farms, small business, wholesome entertainment and neighborliness.



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