Views of Pacific Coast Highway

This morning the sights along the Pacific Coast Highway beginning at Half Moon Bay were incredible.

Bright, rolling hills in shades of green, and the white clouds would be enough to take in, but then there was the blue ocean, blue sky and white splashing waves, and the dew-dampened rocks along the road.

I never get tired of that drive. But it is a long one to Salinas where I had an appointment with the dentist, and then I took some of my stuff to the new place in Aromas.

The place was different in my mind, than when I saw it again, so I’ll need to get everything from storage and see how it fits.

Soon I’ll be out in the country, where today I saw some calves running down the hill, and chicken’s making merry. It’s country, all right. The landlady has a cat and the cat has already approved of me. I’m in.




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