Viewing the City

Easter Sunday – Reykjavik

Today I walked nearly all day, and I’m happy to say my legs did pretty well until the end. I thought I couldn’t walk one more step; all the coffee shops were closed and it was cold. Then I found Yo-Yo, a yogurt shop. I soothed my tired legs inside where it was warm.
I walked from one end of Reykjavik to the harbor and back. There were brief moments of sunshine.
One famous landmark I saw is the Hallgrimskirkja concrete church. Inside the church houses a 5,275 pipe organ, which I had heard demonstrated on my last visit to Reykjavik with my friend Marilyn McCord.
In front of the church is our friend, Liefur Eiriksson, the first European to be greeted in what later became America, by the people already living there. The statue of Eiriksson was a present from the USA on the 1,000th anniversary of Iceland’s first parliament.
From the church, I walked to the harbor, where large ships were docked. Snowcapped mountains graced the opposite end of the harbor. Beautiful sight.
While in the Geysir Restaurant, I had a crepe with fish, rice and vegetables inside. Very delicious. Three young ladies sat next to me; two were from the states, one from Illinois and one from Kansas. The other young lady is from Amsterdam where all three work for the same company. The lady from Illinois works in Switzerland, while the other two in Amsterdam.
It was quite refreshing to hear them talk and laugh.

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    Regarding “The Book”…….. Two small words on the dedication page…say so much. I’m so touched.

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