Using the light

Last night was a gallery show at the Sunset Center’s, Arts Monterey Council. Lots of people came to see some impressive photos.

Speaking of photography, for the past few years, while on the job as a photo journalist and later on my yearlong journey, I’ve been enjoying taking photos.

I feel that I have an eye for what would look good in print, but I haven’t learned the technical aspect of the camera. In technology, I always manage to learn just what I need to know and no more. So the photos I take are pretty good, but could be much better if I just knew more.

So tomorrow, I’m going to the San Francisco Art Institute and take a half day class offered through National Geographic. The subject is how to use light in photography.

I’m taking the camera to see if I can get some expertise on the settings.

I’ll leave tonight and stay in Half Moon Bay at my sons’ apartment. If I waited to leave in the morning from Marina, I’d be getting up at 4 a.m. Don’t want to do that.




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