Unstopper has yet to unstop

He/she hasn’t arrived yet to unstop the sink and the dishwasher, even after I called, sent an email and my roommate also sent an email.

Why don’t they just admit they are not working this weekend?

We tried to unstop the sink ourselves with liquid plumber, but it didn’t work.

It looks like it won’t get unstopped until our mini-three day vacation stops.

Otherwise, a three day off from work has been good, except for the nightmares.

I keep dreaming about work. Did I notify everyone? Did I call everyone? Did I email everyone? Have I overlooked anyone? I’m trying not to worry, but the success of the events depends on my getting all the volunteers I need. And I’m being judged, looked upon to do the work.

This job (that AmeriCorps keeps telling us, isn’t a job, but an opportunity), is not an easy one.

Wish I could unstop the nightmares.








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