Treating someone to a good day

My filthy car is no longer filthy! And the day gets better.

Son Ron came down from Santa Cruz to give me a hand. I had several errands lined up to accomplished, and with his help I got it all done. Well, I did have to bribe him, but what the heck, I’m his mom.

He came in with a frown on his face, his head hanging down and obviously down in the dumps.

I asked my roommate to come along with us and she agreed. We first got the car washed. It was filthy, that’s the only word that could describe the condition it was in.

Then we went to Safeway, and I had started the bribe with some cash, and Ron was turned loose in the store. He began to feel a bit better.

After those things were done, we went to the water store and got the big jug filled up with fresh water in the same shopping center where there is always a farmer’s market going on. I found my favorite pie lady and purchased a small blueberry pie (my son Larry’s favorite) and then we saw an Indian jewelry booth. We looked at all of it, and on a whim I asked Ron is he wanted a ring. He, with the help of the owner, found one that fit him. It is silver with bits of 14K gold. The owner said the gold inlaid decorations was meant to give one protection.

I sprung for it. I don’t do that much for him, so, while it may be an opportunity for me to make myself more lunches instead of eating out, it was worth it.

He loved the ring, threw his arms up in the air and was a changed person. A little bit of attention goes far. Later, in the car, he said, “I’m having a good day.”


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