Traveling with Polly

marble churchPolly at the Marble Church.

“Hey Polly, would you have ever imagined way back in 1999, when you interviewed me to work for the South County Newspapers, that we would be in a tiny town called Marble in the Colorado mountains fifteen years later?”

We both laughed at that. You never know the twists and turns of life will lead you. And there we were in Marble at a restaurant eating lunch. Marble is a little town where marble is mined. You can see chunks of marble in the river. It came from a train accident when marble was accidentally dumped in the river.

We traveled from Glenwood Springs up the road, through the gorgeous colors, and along the fast moving river, and ended up back in Glenwood, where she dropped me off at the Colorado Hotel.

The historical Colorado Hotel, where Teddy Roosevelt inspired the Teddy Bear, and spent time in the hotel. It was also a hotel where the liked of Al Capone and Molly Brown and other characters stayed.

Then, I walked cross the street and got into the hot sulphur springs pool. Once I got in, I spoke to a large stomached man, with long grey hair. You cannot tell the soul of a person until you talk to them. This gentleman was there chaperoning his three daughters. He, when we discussed our mutual travel experiences, said he went to Haiti and found a unused swimming pool. He got local folks involved, and through his money and the help of a few others, cleaned up the pool and put water in it. That water served many Haitians. Years later it was still supplying water for the small community.

After Polly picked me up from the pool, we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. After that, I packed to leave in the morning. I’ll be in Lakewood visiting with cousins.

Polly and I have had a fun time together. Marilyn left for Vallecito and arrived safely.




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