Traveling with minimum luggage

First of all, for minimum fuss, you must keep your clothing options down to a manageable size. This is something I try to do every time I go somewhere, and every time I come back with something I didn’t wear. But I will not give up.

I almost have it down to a science, but not quite. When I traveled for a whole year, there were seasons to take into consideration. But since I traveled alone, with only myself to haul my baggage around, I had to be ruthless with what I left behind. Once when my raincoat didn’t keep me warm in Iceland, t purchased a sweater, and then I had to let go of something else to accommodate the extra bulk. Oh, and I lost weight, so some items because of that, got left behind, as well. I’m known for leaving items on park benches and airports.

Then there are those great plastic bags that will shrink clothing by using a vacuum sweeper hose to suck the air out. That will give you more space.

But, one more reason to keep your luggage down to minimum is the airlines weight regulations. It’s very costly to go over the limit.

You must check all the airlines you’ll be traveling on for those rules; and believe me they differ between airline companies. It can get tricky, so get prepared.


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