Traveling with cats

Traveling with animals can be done, but with much preparation.

I took my two cats, Peaches and Buddy to live with my late husband and I in Holland for one year, and then to Costa Rica where I lived nearly two years, alone.

In was not necessary to quarantine  the cats in either Holland or Costa Rica, but in other countries, it may be necessary so do your diligent homework on that before embarking on a trip oversees or other locations in the world.

When we moved to Holland for that year, we had a friend line up a place for us to live before my husband first arrived there. I followed with the cats and had arranged for them to board into the cargo hold. I had been promised that it was safe, and to supply the cats with one carriage for them to share. It was made comfortable with a blanket, water and food. When arriving in Holland with screaming cats, the water had spilled, and food was mashed up into the blanket. They were mad but it didn’t bother their health or safety. When we traveled to another country,  while in Holland, we put the cats into a shelter, which was right in the middle of a neighborhood, next to other houses. We found it spotlessly clean and the helpers in love with cats. It was always full of cats from expats, and diplomats and others.

Before leaving for a foreign country, there are restrictions and rules to learn about from the airlines and the country where you are going to be living.

In Holland, we had to have current vaccinations, a physical and another check up close to departure. All of the information must be shown to the airline company when arriving at the airport with the pets, and upon entering another country.

It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about the departure with cats to Costa Rica and the obstacles I faced getting there and the challenging return to the U.S.

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