Traveling and then line dancing

from out of Tine’s window

I left Cork, but it wasn’t easy. Here’s what happened: I got to the bus station around 9 a.m., knowing that the bus to  Macroom wouldn’t be leaving until 10:30, but that was okay because I like to arrive early, drink coffee, have a bite to eat, and spend the rest of the time ‘people-watching’.

I purchased the ticket and the lady told me the “bus to Macroom” would leave at 9:30 and at 10:30, so I had my choice. The 10:30 time would be perfect because Tine would be waiting for me at the Macroom station, in one hour, so I continued to wait.

At 10:15 I waited outside at the platform where I was told, “that’s where you’ll get the Macroom bus.” But at 10:30 a bus going to the town of Tranee was taking passengers. So I figured the next bus must be ‘the Macroom bus”. So I continued to wait for ten more minutes and then went to the ticket agent and asked if the Macroom bus was late.

“Oh, no, that bus left.”

“Was that the bus that said Tranee on it?”

“Yes.” She rolled her eyes. I can’t stand it when people do that. Oh well.

“Why didn’t you tell me the Macroom bus wouldn’t say Macroom on it?”

“It’s right up there on the sign.” She pointed to a moving sign.

“Yes, it is up there, you’re right, but I was waiting outside where you said the bus to Macroom would be located.”

Deaf ears. Blank expression.

So, I needed to let Tine who would be waiting for me that I’d be late.

“Do you have wifi here?”

“Yes, but it won’t work unless you’re a customer of the company that supplies it here.”

She didn’t tell me that an internet service was located against the wall next to the coffee concession, but a person standing by heard my dilemma and pointed to the internet station.

Okay, so with my inexperience with the Irish keyboard, I typed up a message for my friend Kemberlee to call Tine (her friend) that I would be an hour late.

So when I arrived in Macroom, Tine was waiting for me, and she did get the message.

On the way to Macroom, I calmed down when I heard the nightmare of a fellow passenger. Niamh Cosman, an artist in sculpture, had travel stories that made my morning a walk in the park. She will eventually find her way to the states and to The Burning Man in the desert where she is partnering in a sculpture event. Good wishes for her success in her travels and art.

At 12:30 p.m. Tine picked me up and by 2 p.m. I was line dancing with her and a group of ladies. LIfe is good.


Is this the bus to Macroom?

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  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen……we continue to enjoy our travels with you !!!….and the pictures are just great !…love the one from Tines window .
    I think you migh do a story just about missing buses !!!!
    How are The Book sales going ?
    Love from all of us…
    Paula. I

    • Book sales have slowed somewhat. But I haven’t heard for the months of June and July. I haven’t done much to promote them, however. Thanks for the comments.

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