Travel hints from lessons learned

Lessons learned about airline travel and luggageHere is a travel hint that came from my experience traveling in four continents, many countries, cities, towns, and islands, not to mention, in planes, buses, trains, trolleys, tuk-tuks, taxi’s, ferries, and on camels and horse and buggies.

Let’s take airline travel, because this might be the hardest to adhere to.

Before planning a trip, consult with the airline company and the country, that will not only be your destination, but for the landings in route, because you’ll need to know the carry-on-luggage and the booked-on luggage rules for the items you want to travel with. This not only applies to containers of liquid, food, medicines, but to nearly all forms of technology.

The rules change often depending on what is going on in the world at this moment in time.

I can give you one example that nearly caused me to miss a plane.

I was late in arrival to the airport in Croatia, because I miss-read the ticket departure time.

When I got to the ticket counter, the boarding lady, I nicknamed Cruella Deville, growled, “You are late. You are going to miss the plane. Put your luggage up here”, she directed.

“You have a battery inside the bag. You must remove it,” Cruella frowned. This was the first time in six months of flying on many airplanes that I faced this particular problem.

So, I tore into the bag, underwear going this way, tops that way, pants over there, and my Kindle fell out, but no clock – that was the culprit, I thought. Or was it the Kindle?

I was frantic.

Out came winter gloves, the Icelandic sweater, wool socks, rocks, seashells, pajamas, and a hot pink towel.

“Oh, come on,” I sighed to myself. I left the Kindle out, thinking that may have been the problem, but couldn’t find the clock.

“Let them look at it again.” She pointed to the men who would give it a second look.

“No, there’s no time, “she quickly changed her mind. “Just close it up, and let’s go.”

I tried shoving my life back into the bag, and now the bag seemed too small to accommodate all the stuff I had just thrown out.

“Can you help me close this up, please?” I pleaded with one of the agents.

He did help me zip it up, and then I was on my way with Cruella’s stiletto heels clipping on the tile, with me in tow.

“Do you have your boarding pass and passport?” She turned with that look again.
“Yes,” trying not to let her bullishness win.

I handed the customs agent my passport, and she and Cruella exchanged words, leaving me out.

“Oh, no, my camera.” Suddenly it was not hanging over my neck.

Well, I’m not going to tell you what she said then. But, the camera was located and I was the last person to board the plane and got the worst seat: the last one in the back.

Lesson: read the boarding time correctly so you’re on time. Find out exactly what you can have in the luggage on board and the carry-on-luggage, as well, for each airline in every country.

This is just one of the many lessons learned while traipsing all over the world.





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