Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

I hope tomorrow, I’ll have a home. I have an appointment to look at a room.

Larry and Sue have been great hosts for me, but I’m yearning for a place to call my own.

Today, not wanting to look for another place, either in person or online, I opted instead to get my hair done, in the style of the 50s. I learned in Colorado that the 50s hairstyle is coming back.

I also wanted to get a manicure. So, off I went to San Juan Batista, but the place was closed, so down the road I went to Prunedale, to a shop that only does nails, not hair. So back up the road to Hollister, determined to find a hair salon to get my hair styled and a manicure.

I called a shop I could see on the street that looked closed, but a woman there said they were open and come on in. I had said over the phone that I wanted my hair shampooed and blown dry and a manicure.

So she patiently worked my hair up to a ‘do’ and I liked it. She spent a long time on it and when finished, I said, okay now, my nails.
“Oh, we don’t do nails here.”

Lots of misunderstanding, but I have the hairstyle and decided my nails look okay. I was just trying to do something productive before tomorrow.

I’m hoping my searching for a place is over for awhile. It’s  just a room, so I won’t be able to get my storage out, but I can take my time and sell some on EBay. But the purpose of a quiet room, is to sit most every day to work on the next book; the story of my one year journey.

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