Tomorrow is the day.

My daughter-in-law, Aleida (Debby to us) takes off work to see me off at the San Francisco airport where I’ll leave for a very long flight: two of them, in fact. I change planes in Seoul, Korea for the last five hours.

I’ll be picked up and taken to the hotel where I’ll stay for a few days before the program begins.

I have packed family photos, photos of California, a world map, lots of teaching tools that I will leave there, some American flags, and other American paraphernalia and some pens with German logos that were sent to me by my German friend to take as gifts to my students.

My luggage will come up to the highest allowed weight for the airline restrictions.

I’m taking lots of tech equipment as I will not come straight back to California. I’ll be in Colorado for all of September.

The trip back takes me to Colorado, as I desired, but I change planes in San F.


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  1. sunny mccauley

    Happy Trails to you Laureen … be sure to give yourself some down jet lag time.

    Look forward to checking your blog a lot!
    All the best,

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