“To Market, to Market, to buy a fat pig.” Well, fruits, vegetables and bread, at least.

Farmer’s bring their goods every week in the town of Echterdingen. You would see trailers of all kinds and tents with plastic walls to keep out the rain, snow or sleet and where it is warm inside.

The road back home from the farmer's market

just one trailer in the Echterdingen farmer's market

I was there this morning with Andy. He carried a basket and a bag with him, as in farmer’s markets there are no plastic or paper bags. Everyone is expected to be prepared to bag their own purchases.

Andy waited in the bread-line…not the bread line we know for the hungry and homeless,  but the bread-line where German’s can purchase all kinds of bread, rolls and pretzels right from the baker. Hmmm, so fresh!

There were tents with vegetables straight from the farmer, and fruits, and canned products, too. One trailer had about twenty chickens on a rotisserie ready and hot for your table.

Chicken anyone?

We walked back home in the snow where Ilona had the table all set for breakfast. There we spread out the various types of cheese – some from Switzerland and some from Germany, and thin meat slices, jam, jelly and a variety of bread. Then there was that delicious cappuccino. Andy, handy with a frying pan, made to order, eggs, over easy or over hard. What a breakfast and oh, so typical for Germany.

Post script: I had a message from a friend in Monterey County, California where she said the county has abandoned the use of plastic bags. This is great news.



Pretty eggs

8 Responses to “To Market, to Market, to buy a fat pig.” Well, fruits, vegetables and bread, at least.

  1. Laureen, sorry if I misspoke. The plastic bag ban is for the city of Monterey only, not the county. I wish we had the ease of public transportation in this country as they do in Europe. And the farmers’ markets year round. Ours, here in Gonzales, stopped the 1st week in November.

    Anna Mae

    Love the picture of the beautiful eggs.

    Anna Mae

    • Anna Mae,

      Okay, thanks for setting that straight. So Soledad needs to work a bit harder on a ban of plastic bags.

      I thought the eggs were beautiful also. It’s not the first time I have seen them like this. Other farmer’s markets have them as well.

  2. Laureen……beautiful street scene.
    I would love that German breakfast..over easy.

  3. hello again. My breakfast today was a brunch. A friendly patron serves food via on wheels from a bicycle. The sign reads ‘food not bombs’ and anyone deserving is welcomed. Soup, fruitata, salad,and drinks. Delicious.

  4. Laureen, my first cousin and her family live in Dresden where she and her husband are research scientists at Max Plank Inst. They go out every day to their local markets to get fresh food. Yum. They live right on the Elbe.

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