Time o’clock

When I began thinking about today’s blog, because it’s all about time, I was reminded of Ronnie, my youngest son’s learning curve at telling time.

At around the age of 5, he thought he was pretty smart when he kept saying, “It is Time O’Clock.”

Well it’s almost time o’clock for me, because I have eleven more weeks and a few days until the AmeriCorps experience is over. I must have 1700 hours turned in, and some of those in particular categories by the end of my ten month term, to be eligible for the $5500 stipend.

The stipend is what I’ll use to get me to Cambodia for the Buddhist Immersion program and where I’ll teach English to Monks. If I don’t make the hours, I won’t get the complete stipend. It’s a must to get to the finish line.

I need 564 more hours, and if my math is correct, that is an average of 51+ hours a week up to the end. That will make for long hours. I will be attending the many events for which I have recruited volunteers to get credit for the time. Then, at the same time, I’ll be getting ready to move my belongings either to Goodwill, my family or my storage unit.

Time o’clock will get my bed, but he’ll have to take his old bed out first. He’ll also get some dishes and linens.



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