tie up loose ends

I’m in the midst of trying to finish up the Cambodian experience, with the sponsorship of Albany Univ. in New York and the Global Service Corps.

Americorps needs to release the stipend for the University and while I’m in the process of finishing up with the correct paper work, I’ve learned that my search engine won’t work with the government requirements.

So I must now head to a library with the hopes I can get it done there. I’m at the mercy of my niece who’s at work, but is always ready with a helping hand. So, looks like I’ll get acquainted with the Broomfield Library soon.

I’m right now hanging out at Scotties in Broomfield where I am reading all my mail and Facebook posts.

I’m realizing a difference in the people of Colorado and those in California. Here in Scotties, there have been big tables of men and now a table full of women. They dress differently than those women I know in California. There we see jeans and t-shirts, jogging outfits and very casual clothing. Here the women have dressy blouses, skirts and fancier shoes. Very conservative looking. It reminds me of my mother’s Lady’s Aide organization of the old days.



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