Through the grottos

Arngrim and I left from his home in Soldarfjord on the Island of Eysturoy and headed to the village of Vestmanna on the Island of Streymoy. When we were there, we boarded a boat to view the cliffs and grottos on the west side of the village and further on into the sea.

It was a sightseeing adventure that got us up close through narrow high rock sounds. Looking up, way up the toward the high-rise rock cliffs we saw birds in their nests in the nooks and crannies as they have done for centuries.

The boat accommodated over forty passengers, with seating indoors out of the cold, or outdoors on the top of the boat or in back, for more adventurous people as Arngim and myself. I had to drag out my Icelandic jacket/sweater out of my luggage to prepare for the cold trip on the fjord.

The boat started out slow with safety instructions then it picked up speed and the village got smaller as we headed away. A blue and white wake splashed a trail behind us.

Soon we were sailing inside a narrow strip and a natural, gigantic rock wall on both sides, but just before that, and all during the proximity of the cliffs, a commentator told us to look for the birds and their nests.

That’s not all of the life on the cliffs. I was astounded to see sheep on the steep cliffs as well. How they stay balanced way high on a rocky hill that seems to shoot straight up from the ground to the sky is a mystery to me. I can only assume the grass is sweeter there.

Breathtaking rock formations changed at each turn inside and at entrances and exits from the grotto.

I learned that while the views are incredible – and that’s not a writer’s exaggeration – It’s really not possible to capture the whole experience inside a camera. Every where I looked there stood another spectacular sight and many birds flying around. Oh, if the boat would just hold still, and if the bird would as well, then, maybe a camera might reveal a bit more of what we saw.

Before going inside one of the nearly enclosed, dark grotto, we were asked to wear protective helmets in case a rock came loose. We could see the dripping water glistening on the sides of the rocky wall.

After the trip through the grotto’s we visited a museum and saw  life-like figures that told the story of the beginning of life on the Faroe Islands.

On the way to Vestmanna, I took a photo of a house with a grass roof.

A boat sails from Vestmanna every  day, year around, depending on the weather. It was a two hour unforgettable trip.

News Flash News Flash News Flash News Flash

We just got back from a rowing competition and Per’s team took first place again and so did Berit’s team as well!  If you just tuned in, go back and read The Family of Athletes.



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  1. Laureen, wonderful photos! Do you know what kind of birds those are on the cliff ledges?

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