Three more angels

Today I met three more angels. Michele was from yesterday, when I was in the little Bradberries restaurant and observed the little ladies ‘doing lunch’. I was in a different restaurant having coffee this morning and the same ladies were there! Then, later, after most of the day was spent (more on that later), I needed to use WiFi, and unfortunately it isn’t reliable in the Royal Hotel, so I went to Bradberries and there was Michele with a happy smile. “I bought your book”, she told me. That makes me happy, as well.

Another angel was the young gentleman, a waiter, who served me breakfast in the Royal Hotel. When he told me he was from the Basque area of Spain, my head cocked to one side like a German Shepard.

“Oh, I need to ask you some questions.”

“I will meet you at half past twelve when I’m off duty here,” he said.

Meanwhile, I walked to The Travel Bar Ltd. and saw Pauline Hill, the best travel agent I have ever met. Pauline was the third angel today: she took lots of time and worked creatively to book me to my next adventures until I land in Madrid, Spain on Sept. 21.

She circumvented and scoped out places to keep me free of problems with customs in  certain countries.

Pauline is gearing up for a trip to the Monterey and San Francisco areas soon. A pretty lady, and delightful to meet. She made booking the next few trips look easy, because she has been a travel agent for many years.

Sergio, the waiter, and I had a two hour conversation about traveling, what I could expect in Spain – the Basque area in particular-and then we talked about funny language mistakes.

I’ll leave you here with this choice one: I almost spit out my diet Coke laughing.
He went to the pharmacy in Ireland and asked for costipado, and pointed to his nose, for his nose was stopped up and he had a cough.

Somehow, the pharmacist misunderstood him, and thought he said, ‘because I am constipated.” He gave him some pills with instructions on how often to take them. Sergio couldn’t understand why his nose was still stopped up but he had to head to the W.C. all too often.

He questioned the pharmacist about his constant need for the bathroom, “But my nose is still stopped up.”

Everything  got fixed, and that’s the end of the story.


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  1. Well, yeah, something was stopped up, and it was his nose, not that other part of him! More body language needed? Handkerchief to the nose?
    Drawings? Pictures? It’s iffy out there when you don’t know the language!

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