Three good shops

Water in Marina tastes like pure Clorox. it’s so bad that you cannot even use it in making coffee. Big Yuk!

But there is a nice shop in the center where water is purified and I can buy a big bottle with a spigot for only $1.75. And it takes good. The workers make certain the bottles are cleaned before water is put into the bottle. It’s heavy to lift, but they have carts to use for transport to the car. It isn’t easy, however, to get it from the car into the house.

I remember when I lived in Marina two years ago, attempting to walk upstairs carrying the bottle. It took a very long time, step-by-step.

Another great thing about that shop is it is also an ice creamery, with the best flavors. Those are hard to pass up.

Right next to that shop is a store that features food from Germany…some merchandise comes from Holland, as well.


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