This ‘n that

Last night a couple took a room here in the hotel, and I was already in bed, so didn’t greet them until this morning. Adorable young couple. Terezia  holds a Ph.D and is working in research regarding the physically and mentally handicapped challenges the country of Slovakia has and how they can best serve their needs. Christian works in the countries’ education system. He was quite interested in how Central Coast cities deal with educating the indigenous people. He’s sympathetic to the challenge in his country of meeting the needs of the Roma people, who are politically incorrect called gypsies.

They were on a two week vacation, traveling throughout Iceland. While I had spent quite a few weeks in Reykjavik, and thought I had seen about everything there was to see, they gave me some more ideas for when I arrive back there this Friday. Apparently there is a hostel that is decorated imaginatively by men who work as property men in movies. Can’t wait to see that place.

Today I just spent time on the computer writing to people,  answering emails and reading. One  fun email was from my daughter-in-law Aleida, and grandson Michael on how he surprised Brandon, his younger brother. I felt so bad that I didn’t plan my get away better, so I could attend Brandon’s graduation, but happy that Michael could be there from his college in Iowa.  Seems Aleida came home from the airport with Michael, and she went into the apartment and asked Brandon to go to the car to get the juice from the store and there he was.

The flowers waited patiently for sun.


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