Thinking out loud

I came back to the hotel yesterday evening, tired from walking, getting on and off the trams and buses. Trying to locate this and that, purchasing shampoo, and other ‘stuff’. Oh, and I found a store with used CD’s and DVD’s and for one euro I got a movie, “The Private Life of Henry VIII”. I’ll watch that later today.

I’m thinking….

Getting back to yesterday, I was so tired that when I decided to climb into bed, I just put my coat, packages, camera and purse on the floor.

This morning, I left it all and went down to the breakfast room. Usually the maid knocks on the door to clean the room and make the bed. Or she waits until I leave. But this morning, after breakfast, I went to the room to find her ¬†there. The bed all made and the bathroom clean, and all the ‘stuff’ off the floor. I was embarrassed to say the least. I’m the person who would clean up a house before a house keeper comes to clean.

But she put me at ease and told me I had the only room available to clean and so she went ahead, thinking I wouldn’t mind. Of course I didn’t, really. I love being spoiled this way. And then she told me a bit about her life. She is a young woman and only four years in Holland from Lithuania. She said her dreams of a new life in Holland hasn’t come true yet. She has a degree in interior design, but, like many, she has a million excuses why she hasn’t pursued her dream of working in her field of study. I tried to assure her that when the time is right, she’ll know it. Meanwhile, she has a job, and that is a giant ¬†first step.

This all brought me to my own condition. I have had so much fun on this long journey, and learned a lot, have great notes and photos for my book, but my biggest concern right now is, what will I do when I return back to the U.S. in seven weeks? I will need to find a room, generate some income, and work on my book.

I’ll need to practice some of my preaching, and know that it will all come into place. For me, the right time begins when I put my foot down on U.S. territory.

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