There are changes in the Rockies….me, too!

It feels as if the air in the Rockies is signaling change. Thunder, lightning, then the rain falls. The sun comes up and dries everything. The air is clean and clear.

We’re heading into fall and I’m looking forward to the changing of colors. Green becomes gold, auburn, red, brown, orange and rust. I become in love again with Colorado. I few renewed in the fall.

I’m also changing in the Rockies. I’m thriving on three meals a day, staying in an awesome house, helping out whenever my friend Marilyn, whenever I can.

But, not only am I thriving, I have a good start on the book of my one year journey that began in April, 2012 and ended in April, 2013. I have printed out everyday that I published on my blog, and that means nearly every day. Not many days were missed. Now, the work begins. I need a title for the book and I’m open to ideas.

The next change comes when the YouTube is finished of my one month in Cambodia,with a side trip to Viet Nam. My grandson, Michael is producing it for me and I know it will be great. I went over all of my photos and sent them off to him. He’s a talented and creative guy, and I look forward to see what he creates.


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